Individual transitions. During these sessions, we work with concrete and practical situations, constantly focusing our attention on the development of client’s autonomy and responsibility, for the changes to be sustained in the long term.

Team transitions. In order to allow the transformation of a whole team we leverage the accountability of each individual member. Any collective intervention must take into account the history and the culture of a group. We pay special attention to rituals such as meetings, seminars, casual meetings, staff meetings, etc and to the way in which those are structured, led, experienced and perceived by people concerned.

Organizational transitions. Interventions with large scale groups, where we maintain our position as coach at all times. Our role is to build and lead a process, which will give organizations the opportunity to discover their own routes to resolution (this applies for example in the case of the redefinition of a company’s vision or strategy, M&As, evolution or strengthening of company’s culture, etc.).
We co-create and co-facilitate the clients’ workshop using the emerging collective intelligence and focusing on the process of organizational learning (and on the autonomy of the client once our mission ends up).


We support our clients by:

Defining a shared ambition and the challenges related to innovation

  • Executive and team workshops
  • Collective intelligence exploration and construction of a shared vision
  • Diagnosis for innovation, exploration groups and individual talks

Bringing out the creative and intuitive potential for individuals and groups

  • Creative coaching for individuals and groups
  • Trainings, workshops and innovation Kick Offs
  • Interventions by experts, content supply and analogies

Accompanying start-ups in their evolution

  • Objectives ‘definition and facilitation of the decision making process
  • Identification of the phases and facilitation of the evolution of the organization


Cultural diversity is an invaluable resource for both learning and growing process. In such a complex and global context, incorporating the intercultural dimension into the coaching process enhances long term effectiveness and sustainability.

The added value offered by a new way of valuing differences does not only apply in national cultures but in any kind of diversity, such as professional, generational, operational or digital.

To accompany our clients in meeting their intercultural challenges, we work closely with TCO International, a global leader in facilitating change in international contexts, supported by a network of more than 100 consultants worldwide.

We are licensed in The International Profiler (TIP) and in the International Team Trust Indicator (ITTI) the psychometric questionnaire developed by WorldWork to measure the behavioral energy of managers working in global contexts and a web based questionnaire for all team members that assesses trust levels and trust deficits within the team and/or in the team leader.